William (Billy) Tucci is an illustrator, writer and filmmaker best known among American comic book audiences for his creator-owned title and character, Shi. Tucci is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, located in New York, New York.

Bill Tucci founded Crusade Comics in a one bedroom apartment in Queens, NY. through which he publishes both his personal projects, as well as work from other up and coming creators. Crusade Comics' flagship title, Shi, has sold over 4 million comic books and grossed over $25 million in sales since debuting in March 1994. Several comic characters, including Top Cow’s Witchblade and David Mack’s Kabuki, actually debuted in Shi.  The character has also crossed over with many comic book icons including Daredevil, Witchblade, Vampirella and Wolverine. For more than two years Shi: The Way of the Warrior #1 remained atop Wizard Magazine's Top Ten Comics list, a record for any single issue that still stands to this day. Billy is also one of the few comic book creators recognized by Wizard on both their Top Ten Artists and Writers list.

In 2006 Tucci began doing work for the "Big Two" in the American comic book industry, pencilling Marvel Comics' Heroes for Hire, and DC's VS cards. He also released the 576 page Definitive Shi, the Illustrated Warrior novel and penned Zombie-sama! with illustrator John Broglia.

In 2007, on Shi's 13th anniversary, Tucci's newest miniseries The Ring of Fire was released. Shi also had a crossover with Brian Pulido's Lady Death/Shi through Avatar Press and with Peter David's Fallen Angel through IDW Publishing. Dark Horse Comics is also producing a 200-page hardbound Art of Shi coffee table book showcasing several artists' take on the character. Other Shi projects include a full color Zombie-sama! TPB with John Broglia and Definitive Shi Vol. 2.

While working for DC Comics Tucci produced a six-part miniseries for Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion, which premiered in Nov. 2008. The final part was released in June 2009. Describing the series, as a "labor of love", Tucci spent time at a large reenactment with over 2,000 World War II reenactors in Pennsylvania as part of his research for the story. In the reenactment, Tucci acted out the part of a war correspondent, interviewed several veterans of the campaign, and visited the grounds where battles took place.

Bill Tucci

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