Everything you ever wanted to know about NY Comic Book Marketplace but were afraid to ask!
Can you get (So and So) to come to your show?


We can try. Generally we have various agents and representatives, who bring the actors to us, or the actors themselves sometimes contact us, but occasionally we will go and track someone down if we really want them. Comic Artists and Creators are generally invited personally (if we can track down their contact info), or brought in through their publisher. But remember, work deadlines, family obligations and other time constraints can keep many people from coming to conventions.


I’m an agent or rep for an actor or comic artist who would like to attend your show as a guest, who do I contact?

Contact Mike at mikecarbo@gmail.com


Can I interview your guests?

Generally, not without letting us know first. Contact Mike at mikecarbo@gmail.com


Do the actors have their own items to sign, or do I have to bring things for them?

​Well, both! They have headshots and stills of their movies and shows. But you can usually bring your own items to get signed if you want.


Can I take pictures of anything I want?

Some people may not want their picture taken, so be sure to ask first. Many of our Vendors in the Dealer’s Room don’t like to have people take pictures of their set ups, so be sure to ask first. And some of our guests charge for pics, so be sure to ask first! Basically, the answer is, Ask First! Remember, trying to take a pic of one of our guests from a distance may seem harmless to you, but they may not want you to do it. If you are caught taking a pic of someone without their permission, you will be warned once. Do it again, and you will be removed from the show.

These same rules above apply to video cameras. Keep in mind that many of our panel rooms are now being filmed and broadcast live over the internet. You are allowed to videotape inside these rooms ONLY if the video you shoot is not intended for sale or distribution. When in doubt, put the camera away.

How much are the autographs?

Well, that depends. Each of the guests at the show charges a different amount, so be sure to ask first before you commit to buy one!


Can I get my picture taken with your guests?

Again, that depends on the guest. Some will gladly do it for free, others charge a nominal fee (sometimes donated to charity), and others won’t do it at all. We don’t tell our guests what to do or how to do it when they get to the show. It’s their call on what to charge, how much to charge, or even if they will charge. Remember, when you step behind the table to take a picture with the guest, it holds up the line, and for a very popular guest, that can really cause delays for other fans.



What times do your guests sign autographs?

Generally, our guests are there signing for most of the day. We don’t set specific hours for them. If they’re there that day and not on a break, in a panel, or at lunch, they should be signing.


Can I buy autographs online after the show? I won’t be there that weekend.

No, sorry. We don’t save autographs or ship them.



Can I send you an item to get signed by a guest at your show? I won’t be there that weekend.

No, sorry. We just can't do that.

Artist Alley Questions:


Will the Comics guests draw something for me?

You’ll have to ask them. Most will do a sketch for you for a nominal fee. You’ll have to check with them to see if they do offer sketches or commissions, and how much they charge for it.

I'm interested in an Artist Alley table. Are there any available?

Contact Mike at mikecarbo@gmail.com

I'm interested in an Artist Alley table. How do I know if I qualify for one?

We don't discriminate over different types of artists. It's called "Artist Alley", not "Comic Book Artist Alley". We allow any kind of artist, or creative type who wants to set up in Artist Alley. We've had T-Shirt Printers, Face Painters, Toy Sculptors, FX Make-Up Artists, Filmmakers, Musicians, and of course, Comic Book Artists and Creators. The only rule that we have is that you're not a Dealer or Vendor setting up in Artist Alley because it's cheaper than booking a Retailer Booth, you're not setting up just to sell your personal comic book collection, and that you don't display Adult Related materials.

Other than that, all artists are welcome to set up.

I booked an Artist Alley table, are my passes mailed to me?

No. All passes are picked up on site.  Each artist alley table comes with 2 free passes.​



I booked an Artist Alley table, what time and what day do I have to move my stuff in/can I order electricity/what if I need an extra chair/where can I find Tax forms/etc.?

Contact Mike at mikecarbo@gmail.com



Ticketing questions:

How can I order tickets?

Check out our Tickets Page!

Can I buy tickets at the door, or do I have to buy them in advance?

You can buy them at the door, but you would not get the pre-order discounts, or incentives, and the line to buy tickets at the show is generally longer than the line to pick up tickets bought in advance.

What is the deadline for ordering advanced tickets?

Generally, the tickets will stop being sold online the week of the actual show.

I ordered my tickets a month ago, but still have not gotten them in the mail!

No tickets are actually mailed to you. You should have gotten a receipt from PayPal when you ordered. You print that confirmation out, bring it with you to the show along with your ID, and they’ll take care of everything there!



I don’t have a printer! I can’t print out the confirmation! I never got the e-mail! I lost the paper! Will I not be allowed into the show?

Don’t worry, everything is fine! Just bring your ID along with you and everything will be taken care of at the box office!  Keeping the confirmation email on your phone will also help!

Will the tickets sell out?

It is possible. Buying your tickets in advance will save you a lot of headaches!

Can I re-enter the show if I leave?

Yes you can! Your admission is good for the whole day. Keep in mind though that if the show is full, the Fire Marshal sometimes institutes a "One in one out" policy. So until some people leave the con, no new people will be allowed in. Your wristband will last days!  And it's waterproof!  So keep it on until Monday!


What’s the difference between buying the tickets in advance and buying them at the door?

The line to check in with your advanced purchased ticket is shorter than waiting in line to buy a ticket, and tickets at the show will be more expensive.



Dealer’s Room Questions:

How do I buy things at the convention? Do the Dealers only take cash, or can I pay with a Credit Card?

That depends on the vendor! All of them take cash, some are set up to take Credit Cards. Be sure to ask what forms of payment they accept before agreeing to any purchases.

I want to set up a table and sell at the show, who do I contact?

Contact Mike at mikecarbo@gmail.com

How much is Drayage, and what are the load in times for the show?

Contact Mike at mikecarbo@gmail.com

Does my booth come with power?

Not unless you order it! Contact Mike at mikecarbo@gmail.com


General Questions:

Are fans allowed to wear costumes at the Convention?


Allowed? Actually, they're encouraged!!  Wearing costumes at a convention is what it's all about!​​​​​​​​​​


Can I advertise on your website, on your fliers, or in your program book?

Sure, contact Mike  at mikecarbo@gmail.com

​Can I show up at the con and hand out fliers to your attendees?

​​Actually, you can't. As the Convention Center is private property, soliciting at our show without our permission is illegal. When we spot you, you will be ejected from the show. If we catch you back again, you risk arrest.​​​​​​​​​​​​

If you'd like to make arrangements with us to distribute your advertising or promotional materials, either by handing them out, or putting them on our "Free Swag" tables, please contact us for rates.

​Can I volunteer to work at the show?

Sure! We always need people! Head to our Facebook page to sign up!

​What time do the doors open/close?

10 AM – 7 PM on Saturday.  10 AM - 5 PM on Sunday.  But early admission ticket holders get in 30 minutes early!

Are bags and backpacks permitted into the show?

Yes they are. We do ask that you use common sense when toting them around, as some backpacks are large, bulky and unwieldy and can block aisles or knock into things when you turn around.​​​​​​​​​​​​

Also, bags may be subject to search, so be sure you don’t have anything in there that you shouldn’t!​

Can I bring a pet to the show with me?

No you may not. The only animals allowed at the show are licensed Service Animals.

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