Nancy Silberkleit is co -CEO of Archie Comics Publications, one of the most successful, longest-running brands in history of the comic industry.Her vision is that the comic book is a valuable tool for developing literacy among first -time readers  and instilling a love of reading in everyone. Her motto is  "Comic Books +Children= Reading, Knowledge, Confidence and Creativity."  Silberkleit is also  an entrepreneur in the  comic book industry,she created the popular Comic Book Fairs across North America as events to ignite interest in reading, as well as fund-raising for schools. Silberkleit sees comics as a powerful tool that stimulates and builds today's children into tomorrows strong creative thinkers -ones that are prepared to approach complex situations. Silberkleit established the Rise Above Social Issue Foundation,Inc. a non-profit that addresses challenging social issues through comic books, such as childhood obesity,as well as bullying,discrimination and environmental concerns. Nancy Silberkleit believes that by encouraging literacy, self-confidence and knowledge through age accessible,non threatening reading materials,we can stimulate creativity and tolerance in youth and foster them to be a positive influence on peers,


 With all that responsibility Silberkleit has recently been able to launched the Pop- up Comic Extravaganzas, comic events , that continues to connect people to the genre of the comic book world .


Nancy Silberkleit
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