Rich has been drawing and writing comics for the past 40 years, and during his career he has illustrated nearly every major character for Marvel and D.C. Comics.  His total output is prodigious (hundreds of titles & cover illustrations too numerous to list here) and he is proficient in every aspect of the comics field:  writing, drawing, inking, coloring, editing, and publishing.

He is the creator of Deathlok, the first cyborg in comics, and is also the author of two trade books:  “How To Draw Super-Heroes” and “How To Draw Dynamic Comic Books” (published by Vanguard Press, with an introduction by Stan Lee).

Rich has been a major influence in the comic book industry and has helped to launch the careers of Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Mark Texiera, George Perez, Klaus Janson, Sam DeLarosa, Jackson Guice and many others.


Career Highlights:

Notable runs for Marvel Comics:
Fantastic Four, Avengers, Thor, Saga Of Sub-Mariner, Saga Of The Original Human Torch, Spectacular Spider- Man, Jungle Action (featuring Black Panther),  The Inhumans, Astonishing Tales (featuring Deathlok), X-Men, New Mutants and X factor.

And for D.C. Comics:
Justice League, The Flash, World's Finest, New Teen Titans, Superman Versus Shazam (tabloid), D.C. Comics Presents, Secret Society Of Super-Villains, Black Lightning, Wonder Woman, Jonah Hex, Warlord and All-Star Squadron (co-creator).

Rich Buckler

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