Gerardo R. Casas, born and raised in Queens, New York. He attended LaGuardia Community College, where he graduated with honors and obtained an Associate Degree in Fine Arts. He then transferred to School of Visual Arts where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Cartooning/Illustration. He is the curator of three successful comic exhibition at a Brooklyn based gallery called Ouchi Gallery and is currently working on a 4th exhibition for December 2015. Gerardo is also the creator of his self-published comic book titled “The Gang”, which narrates the daily insane tribulations of Rick, Yuriko, Carlos, and Megan.
















Lori Esposito is a illustrator, fine artist and cartoonist, she has worked with authors on several books and produces her own work, her work is often of a dark, but comedic nature.

















Being born and raised in New York City José (Also known as Ho-Zay) was influenced by all kinds of art very early on. It wasn't till his sophomore year attending the High School of Art & Design that he decided to major in cartooning instead of animation which was his original goal as an artist, right after graduating from high school with honors he began to attend the School of Visual Arts pursuing a BFA in cartooning. These days he mostly works freelance doing character designs and concept art for various people whilst working on his own original graphic novels on the side.
















Patrick Sinnott is an art school refugee whose love of heavy inkwork and cool creature designs is rivaled only by his ability to extract tragedy from otherwise upbeat comic concepts. Inspired at an early age by classic pulp sci-fi and modern comics coming out of top shelf and dark horse studios, he finally made the connection that he could use comics to tell sci-fi and horror stories sometime in middle school and has been focused on making comics since. He hopes you enjoy his work, and for the love of god please let him stop typing in the third person.




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